Parental Advisor Review

By | September 17, 2016

Parental Advisor ReviewID Parental Advisor

Unit Price: EUR 45.00
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Version: 1.2
Language: English

ID Parental Advisor is a top quality access-monitoring program, providing action-limitation to third parties, according to your personal preferences.

Blocks adult-content websites, prevents them from showing up again in your browser, and prevents unsolicited applications from executing on your computer.

ID Parental Advisor offers network-access control over network applications you wish to prevent from running. You can also set blocking preferences to a specific time frame, by using the time tampering protection.

Provides a detailed logging activity list, showing all of the sites that have been blocked and all the actions it took towards them. It enables you to decide which visited sites you want to block or unblock.

ID Parental Advisor offers keylogger functions for intercepting all typed information on your computer, detecting all words that have been typed from your keyboard, and the exact application on which they were used. This includes visited URLs, applications used, and various details.

Offers an integrated database consisting of a blacklist with sites it recognized as being malicious. It also gives you the chance to make changes to the list, by adding or removing items.

ID Parental Advisor provides a low level traffic filtering engine, and detects suspect web pages based on content. It also limits websites’ traffic, based on their content, name and address.

Secures all programs and the access to them, by the use of passwords needed for running an application. ID Parental Advisor allows you to create passwords for all of your programs, keeping them safe and away from third party users.

ID Parental Advisor is an easy to use program, with a simple convenient graphic interface. It uses little space on your computer and works fast and easy.
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