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By | September 25, 2016

Photo Archive FeaturesPhoto Archive 4

Always view your images, anytime
Photo Archive stores small thumbnails of your images in a fast database. So you can view your images any time, even if you have them moved to a cd-rom, dvd or external diskdrive.
Import images
Import your images by dragging & dropping from the windows explorer, or any other application. Use the import wizard to get your pictures using the file system. Use the scan wizard to use the TWAIN interface for scanning photo’s, film or slides. While still importing your digital photos from a disk, memory-card or scanner you can instantaniously start editing them
Assign keywords to your pictures. Put them in 1 or more Albums. Put them in the right category. Attach documents. Attach your edited images to your pictures to keep them together! Order photo-prints for large batches or a 1 person order.
Export your pictures to the internet, xml, cdrom, dvd and/or disk. Make a presentation and burn it to a CD-ROM or DVD (no external buring-application required!). You can export a complete album-category (with all the albums in it) in just a few clicks to your web-site!
Backup and restore
Backup images and/or the database to disk or CD/DVD and restore them with 2 mouse-clicks
Camera-RAW processing
RAW-images from most camera-makes are easily and fast imported. Photo Archive developes them and creates thumbnails on te fly.
High Dynamic Range
Photo Archive 4.3 has support for creating HDR-images using Photoshop or PhotomaticPro. Just select 3 or 5 images (RAW or JPG) which are specially made for this purpose (or select just 1 RAW image) and select ‘Create HDR Image’ in the context menu.
Movie import
You can import movies with the same ease as images. Photo Archive 4.3 creates thumbnails on the fly for every imported movie-file if necessary.
Flickr Upload
With the free Archive to Flickr Uploader you can upload your images to a Flickr set with a few mouse clicks.

Unit Price: EUR 15.00
Total: EUR 15.00
Info includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 12.61: EUR 2.39
Delivery: License key
Version: 4.4
Language: English

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