Physical Vector Map Europe Review

By | September 17, 2016

Physical Vector Map Europe ReviewPhysical Vector Map of Europe

Unit Price: EUR 64.00
Total: EUR 64.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 64.00: EUR 12.16
EUR 76.16
Delivery: License key, Postal mail
Shipping Costs: EUR 12.00 (if delivered by postal mail)
Version: 1
Language: English, French
Platform: , .cdr + .ai files
General requirements: You can use this map only with Corel Draw 10 or higher or with Adobe Illustrator 8 or higher.

Draw your own map of Europe with this layered vector file in Illustrator and CorelDraw format.

The map consists of 24 layers or planes which surimposing order, names, fonts and colors can be changed according to User’s choice.
200 m., 500 m., 1000 m., 2000 m. & 3500 m. contour lines
rivers of Europe, ~ 3000
179 large rivers
large water surfaces
national borders 2005
latitude and longitude
large rivers English and French names in .txt mode
red curves showing the main mountain ranges
vector mode English and French mountain names
.txt 2 letters abbreviations of countries
position of 288 major towns
vector mode local names of towns
English and French names of towns in .txt mode
English and French names of towns in vector mode
latitudes and longitudes with precision of 1/2 degree

E-mail shipping
You will receive, after payment, a download link valid for 24 hours with login and password.

Physical shipping
You will receive, in addition, a CD-ROM copy of the Europe Vector Map by post. Shipping costs are 12 euros for all countries.
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