PlugPDF SDK IOS And Android Mobile

By | July 14, 2015

PlugPDF SDK IOS And Android Mobile preview. Click for more detailsPDF reader library SDK for Android and iOS

PlugPDF is a simple, cost-effective and streamlined PDF reader library SDK. Use PlugPDF to display PDF files in your mobile app. It’s quick and effective.

Three minutes after the installation completed development
Simple and Easy Mobile PDF SDK
To the basics, fast and reliable Mobile PDF Reader

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10 thoughts on “PlugPDF SDK IOS And Android Mobile

  1. Oleg

    Absolutelly perfect soft for your IOS or Android. Easy to use, fast installation. I make an order finally in all my PDF files for studying. I need to read ir all the time, so this program saved me and my eyes. Interface is very userfriendly, PDF are displayed convenietly, good set of convertably scales to make it bigger or smaller, which isextremely important.

  2. Andre

    I am one of that persons who have rael necessity in reading books at my phone, usually it is in pdf. I cant find any needed books in rtf file( And i was looking for a normal reader, because all that i have was not convenient! And i have find this one! It was really unbelievable, when i open this soft! Ihave understood what to do in few second! Now i am happy that i can prepare to my classes in the bus with my smartphone!

  3. Harvey

    I can say a lot about it the comfort to work on your phone regardless of the location. And this one is a great soft! I travel a lot and work online so it is necessary for me to be able work wherever I am. My dreams came true! Also there is a very nice interface! Seriously, I think It is very convenient. I advise this soft to everyone who work online and do not want to do it at home.

  4. Alina

    I am a student of technological University. To have a handy program for reading PDF files on hand I just need. But the computer is often not the next. But this program allows me to open files of such formats in seconds on your mobile device based on Android! and I like that it is easy to use and does not require much skill and time. if you want to have quick access to any files be sure to try the software PlugPDF SDK IOS And Android Mobile!

  5. Zoe

    I’ve been searching for plug pdf for soo long! And definitely did it! This plug allows me read and even generate pdf files on me phone, on my android. I don’t lie that it is convenient because it is really so! I always on my phone, I work and study online, so I need an access to a lot of types of files, and this plug really helps me a lot! I can study french and work online whereever I am, without using my computer for pdf files that I can’t open on my phone. Now I can and this is very comfortable.

  6. Mariah

    What I liked best in this app is that it can work with PDF-files of very poor quality. As for me, I often have to deal with very old books and magazines converted into PDF format. The paper they were printed on is bad, and the PDF-converting software were impersect, and such PDFs are almost unreadable on a smartphone screen. Anothe problem is that they cannot be converted into the more readable formats, for example, FB2. But due to this app I can read such files. With rhis app the text is bright and distinct, and it can easily be enlarged without any deadlocks or longtime hanging.

  7. Mark

    A very useful PDF library. I never regretted that he bought it. Now I recommend it to friends, acquaintances. the man who wrote it, you must give an Oscar in the field of programs and applications.

  8. Troy

    Should be noticed this mobile SDK pretends to hit other PDF reading libraries, practically no bugs in my cell. I liked simplicity and reliability in this pdf lib collection. What turned out to be more impressive for me that was memory saving. To my mind , this SDK of the current build looks to be the best harmonic libraries selection ever seen up to the moment .Good job, thanks a lot.

  9. Monti

    Yeach, PlugPDF SKD etc is a real cost-effective and so on reader and it’s very easy to work with. It has a few features, that can be important for the use, like: rotation, searching, outlining. Also you can edit your document, but… before you install this application on your Android platform, you’ll feel yourself as a real developer. I loved the process and the result too)

  10. Dave

    I had a problem with reading PDF files with my android devices. Then I find your site and it helps me to get the installation of your plugin. I have tested it for a week and all I can say ” Great work guys, your plugin is great”. I would purchase the same one for my wife, cause it’s really effective, easy installing and quick. I would recover more plugins with your site.


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