PlugPDF SDK IOS And Android Unlimited

By | July 14, 2015

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PDF reader library SDK for Android and iOS

PlugPDF is a simple, cost-effective and streamlined PDF reader library SDK. Use PlugPDF to display PDF files in your mobile app. It’s quick and effective.

Three minutes after the installation completed development
Simple and Easy Mobile PDF SDK
To the basics, fast and reliable Mobile PDF Reader

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14 thoughts on “PlugPDF SDK IOS And Android Unlimited

  1. Harry

    Plug for Android is the greatest thing that I have ever seen! I’m so glad that found it! It allows me to work directly with PDF files and economize my time. It is really fast and has a pretty quick installation. It saves a lot of time of mine! Also I liked this interface a lot. It is simple enough that everyone can handle this. Thanks again for this soft! I’m grateful that I’ve found it.

  2. Jeff

    I think you get what you pay for. This SDK is indeed simple and easy to use. The price is reasonable and I don’t regret buying the full version. I must admit this devkit is quite reliable and it is important for me. Another positive thing about “PlugPDF” is its multi-platform support. BTW, you don’t need to download it a second time after you have installed it once. Well folks, you don’t pay much money but you get an impressive result.

  3. Jessica

    Hello readers! I suggest to download and install the program. The installation process – standard. You can even try out a demo version. I am very handy, because I chus in college. I constantly need to read books. This program is great for browsing books in pdf format. Very good design, long after reading the eyes do not hurt. The price of the product makes me happy. He advised all friends.

  4. Conrad

    Hello everyone! I’m work with IT-company which prepare special programs for the Law Faculty. Our staff members often work with legal information in PDF files. Everyday we have an extremely large amount of information. I would like to say that operate in several programs at once is very awkward. Our team’s guys were very pleased to take PDF reader library SDK for Android and iOS from this site. The majority use this app for iOS gadgets and browse texts and other content in PDF so quickly and effective. It’s basic, simple and fast app. Thank you!

  5. Richard

    My friend, that knows about my work with Pdf files, gave me an advice about this software. I couldn’t work on my phone with pdf and it was very hard always work at home when l ought to be in other places. I read about this and decided to try! It really helps me now! It is actually convenient and also easy for use! Now I can do any work on my mobile, I still can’t believe it! Thank you for a very good software!

  6. James

    There are a lot of such pdf reader programs, but i want to say that it is the best. I study in medical university and that’s why there are many books in pdf format. After installing this program there is not any problem with teaching books. Fine interface of this application don’t make eyes tired. I can read my books several hours without the rest. Thanks to creaters.

  7. Andy

    It’ known, PDF is very “capricious” format to work with. It’s a great deal, to find appropriate PDF soft for mobile devices. It takes certain time to install, but the tutorial is rather clear, no difficulty causes. And after, your iOS is ready to work with PDF files. PlugPDF is an app, to provide reliable work with PDF. It’s a luck, that I find this PDF reader library SDK for Android and iOS.

  8. Johnatan

    In my work I need to work a lot with .pdf files that my clients send me. Before I was using (or better to say tried to use) original ibooks application on my iphone. But unfortunately it does not have the full range of options and editing possibilities as I need. So I tried first the trial version of this plugpdf and I fall totally in love – very stable, a lot of different options to edit file etc.

  9. Washington

    Hello, guys! Just want to say that I’ve been searching for some cool app for my tablet. To read PDF I mean. And it must be “friendly-looking” and “fast-running” on my old buddy :) And this app really feets me very well. It looks good, it works quite fast and I’m really in love with it. By the way it’s cheap enough :) So thank you guys for this cool stuff. Of course I will install this for my wife’s tablet too.

  10. Mark C.

    Well, ok, first I’ve got a trial version to see how it works and if it was suitable for me. To my big surprise the trial version was not cut and showed itself absolutely perfect. All the features and functionality were at their places, which made me happy. Buttons, colours, – everything was fine. And what I liked the most is that I didn’t have to download the application again when decided to get licenced one. Just got the key and profit.

  11. Joyce

    As a matter if fact, I have to read .pdf files on my tablet very often. But it should be noticed that my tablet is an old one and I have low version of Android on it, about 3.2 or so, and its RAM volume is too small. So, it was very difficult for me to find the app which could work fast enough ad with minimal per cent of crashes, and which doesn’t occupy too much RAM and SD-card space. I’ve tried many apps, but this very library suited me best of all It’s just the thing I’ve been looking for. Great thanks to the developers!

  12. Nick

    PDF reader is first but one app. after all the messengers on my cellphone. And I’ve spent plenty of time looking for the one suitable for me. The problem usually was in navigation, uncomfortable location of the bottoms, screwed scrolling and ugly interface. This one is hundred percent fine for me, it’s quite quick, nice designed, I like zoom, and to my mind it has the right set of the functions needed.

  13. Den

    Search the Internet for such a program for reading PDF files. I downloaded a lot of programs, but they haven’t suitable: awkward interface, a large amount of advertising slowdown. But in this program all absent. It is very pleasant to work, didn’t think that you can get so much pleasure from reading with the program) Thank developers have tried from the heart!


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