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By | July 14, 2015

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Polar ZIP for .NET | Polar Software

Polar Zip for .NET is a complete compression solution for .NET environment! Polar ZIP for .NET Polar Zip for .NET is a complete compression

Polar Zip for .NET is a complete compression solution for software developers working in a .NET environment.

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4 thoughts on “Polar ZIP For NET 1 License

  1. Yun Li

    Brent, Oleg and developers team are absolutely pretty right! This software was made for usual people. And this amazing. If you working with IT-companies and IT-creators stuff, etc. then all of complexities and heavy structure are habit-forming. But this app is no stereotype. And its no just convenience and practicality (of cource, its truly, – and I support opinions of the topic srarter’s and other authors in comments on page about Polar ZIP for NET) but light and easy explaining issue. Polar was able to achieve it. Congratulations!)

  2. Brent

    I’m work with IT-staff from PC service company. When I downloaded Polar ZIP for .NET my colleagues say me that this is unusual and pretty quality program. So, I from January to present work with it and would like to report about this one advantages. Firstly, Polar ZIP is multifunctional app, and no problem to create archive with many parts or with many different files or folders. Secondly, this is really clear app. Our staff do not experience any difficulties when working with this tool. Thank you so much and see you soon on the pages http://www.componentwanted.com.

  3. Oleg

    Decent compression software from good company. Our company and website use it for 5 months and there were no any complaints noticed at all. This complete compression solution for your company also, it supports any format you need and compress very effectively. I would recommend this program mostly for professionals, but clear structure enables it for any user to go.

  4. Developers team

    As you understand, we are developers team. And for us, as for many other workers in this sphere, is very important to buy and use good software. Polar.Zip for .Net is one of them. He can create multi part archives, compress and decompress and etc. This soft is really helpful in my opinion and not difficult to work with (I’m not the only one I hope). I highly recommend this one, if you are going to use best apps.


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