Price Action Book Latent Market Geometry Key Information

By | September 17, 2016

Price Action Book Latent Market Geometry Key InformationPrice Action e-book. Latent Market Geometry.

Unit Price: EUR 47.77
Total: EUR 47.77
includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 40.14: EUR 7.63
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This book contains our market research results earlier, before our Ask-Bid delta research. The ebook contains the methodology we use to find trade opportunites we later confirm using Ask-Bid delta analysis. Once more – this e-book doesn’t contain any Ask-Bid delta analysis explanations. Instead, it contains Price Action, Market Geometry explanation. Some backtest results for 10 years of EURUSD(clickable):
Some backtest details:
These results represent hypothetical backtesting
No reinvesting
Trading Volume adjusted for each trade in order to keep the possible loss around 2.5% of initial(10’000$) account
Average win is 3*AverageLoss
Average loss is arounf 2.5% of initial 10’000$ amount
Max drawdown was 15% of initial 10’000$ amount
Around 4 trades happen per month
About 1 loss, 2 wins and 1 ineffectual trades happen per month
Profit factor is fantastic!
The account grows about 16% per month without reinvesting
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