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By | October 4, 2016

Pro FeaturesOP-X PRO-II

OP-X PRO-II is the flagship synth of the OP series offering many new and extended features. Its extremely flexible engine allows it to emulate a wide palette of classic analog synth sounds reaching from simple mono synths like SH-2000 or Minimoog up to polyphonic classics like Oberheim OB-X, Matrix-12, Jupiter-8 or Prophet-5. Its unique features also allows it to deliver exciting new and unheard sounds.
Doubled polyphony, an included effects processor featuring dual engine processing for uncut effects after preset change on demand, a 32-modes arpeggiator with a time triggered hands-free damper-pedal hold option, new lfo features, an included patch browser, a midi processor featuring midi learn and relative or fetched controller response to avoid the well known parameter jumps and an included patches library of 1’500 sounds plus several hundred more available for free download make this a real monster synth and a perfect live machine. Its separate voice design (SVD) engine featuring a separate signal path for each voice with slightly individual sound per voice, just like in a real voltage controlled polyphonic analog synth, offering detailed and intuitively handlable voice-based and global tuning features gives this synth a very organic and lively sound.
– 12 voices in seraparate voice design (SVD)
– comprehensive voice-based and global tuning features
– deactivatable voices for any custom polyphony setting
– included patch browser offering fast access
– intelligent patch change smoother for artefact free preset change
– included effects processor offering handy effect presets
– dual engine effects processing on demand for uncut effects after preset change
– midi processor featuring relative or featched CC processing to avoid parameter jumps
– midi learn and full controller feedback support for endless-rotary controllers
– 32-modes arpeggiator featuring hands-free hold triggered by the damper pedal
– built in 8-notes sequencer, note doubling mode and chord hold
– a seamlessly blendable state variable dual multimode filter
– 12/24dB mode with switchable self oscillation on demand
– sine fm, cross modulation, hard sync and ring modulation
– switchable legato mode for both unison and polyphonic mode
– polyphonic portamento featuring switchable portamento spread
– stacked unison mode with variable number of involved voices and voice spread
– arpeggiator and lfo synchronizable to song tempo
– delay effect featuring even, tripple and dotted synchronization
– 32 pitchbend and mod-wheel modes featuring assymetric bending and ultra wide bending
– switchable aftertouch aimed to filter and vibrato
– 4 switchable filter brightness modes to copy various known filter characteristics
– seamlessly switchable filter key follow
– 2’000 sounds patches library including many famous sounds and classic synth emulations
– relatively light on cpu allowing many instances even in old core 2 duo systems

Unit Price: EUR 85.00
Total: EUR 85.00
includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 71.43: EUR 13.57
Version: 1.1

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