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By | October 4, 2016

Pro FreeOP-X PRO

The OP-X PRO is based on the OP-X engine while offering a lot of new added features for even enhanced analog feel and a really tremendous sound potential.
One of the main additions was to enhance the already great OP-X filter with multimode functionality. The root concept for it was derived from the old SEM multimode filter which allowed seamless blending from lowpass over notch to highpass with a fixed bandpass position. This basic concept was now even enhanced with a switchable 12/24dB lowpass position and a multimode pole (only high pass in SEM) with itself seamlessly (!) blendable modes from highpass over bandpass to notch. Not enough with this the lowpass-to-multimode mix can be automated by lfo and the filter envelope. So this mad filter is continuously controllable in every aspect and will simply knock you out of the socks!
Further enhanced features:
– lots of virtual tuning trimpots for custom detunings (!)
– switchable legato mode for unisono playing
– switchable lfo to amp modulation
– enhanced minimal envelope times
– voice-based lfo to pan modulation (!)
– seamlessly controllable vco frequencies
– voices individually mutable for variable mono mode
The OP-X PRO has full support for midi cc remote control and vst automation; it’s delivered with a fantastic 700 patches soundlibrary

Unit Price: EUR 146.48
Total: EUR 146.48
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 146.48: EUR 27.83
EUR 174.31
Version: 1.2
Platform: , Win 98SE/ME/XP
General requirements: Windows 98SE/ME/XP, vst host, min. Pentium IV 1.5 gHz

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