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Proceeding Booklet Lps DownloadProceeding Booklet – LpS 2012

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With the arrival of white LED technologies in the world of lighting, completely new challenges arose for everyone in the market. The technological change combined with the shifting market led to more or less grave uncertainties and questions with regard to the right orientation in the years ahead. To enable management and engineers to plan a successful technological future with Solid-State Lighting, the LpS 2012 introduces four essential pillars: Background Strategies, Engineering Methodologies, Technology Trends and Strategic Partnerships. One of these pillars; “LED Lighting Technology Trends – 2012” is covered in this “Proceedings Booklet”, which contains most of the Technology Trends papers presented at the LED professional Symposium +Expo 2012 in Bregenz/Austria. The LpS 2012 Advisory Board, made up of international LED and lighting experts, applied a comprehensive and objective selection process and analyzed future trends. From more than 60 potential topics they selected 26 specialist papers, grouped in 8 categories. ***** Highlights: *GaN-on-Si LED technologies for cost-cutting *Light conversion technologies such as remote phosphor *Driverless approaches with AC-LED technologies *Improved optical, thermal and electronic design approaches *Material and production improvements for LED lighting systems *Reliability concepts with backgrounds in measurement and standards *LEDs in outdoor applications
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