Progitek Substituer Alternative

By | September 21, 2016

Progitek Substituer AlternativeProgitek Substituer

To synchronize the data of two different resources:
networks, workstations, GCV or GCV portables
some is the support:
disc, diskette, Zip, CD-ROMS, sub-directory or repertory shared

1 Between a portable PC and desktop PC, to transfer whole or part from the repertories and all the corresponding files from worms the other, and vice versa, by retaining more récent.
2 On a network, to update the repertories ‘ My documents of the server and station:
Ressource 1 \\SERVEUR\DONNEES\My documents
Ressource 2 C:\Mes documents

Unit Price: EUR 29.00
Total: EUR 29.00
includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 24.37: EUR 4.63
Delivery: E-mail
Version: 2.0
Language: French, French language
Platform: , Microsoft Windows

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