Projecttrack Collaborative Sql Server With Years Maintenance Review

By | September 23, 2016

Projecttrack Collaborative Sql Server With Years Maintenance ReviewProjectTrack 2010 Collaborative for SQL Server with 3 Years Maintenance

ProjectTrack 2010 Collaborative for SQL Server

Planning is the beginning. ProjectTrack 2010 Collaborative for SQL Server is an all-inclusive program that will help you execute your plan.

Designed by and for project managers, ProjectTrack is a powerfully integrated management tool which keeps ALL information related to a project in one place.

* Keep track of the DETAILS: Tasks, Action Items, Change Requests, Issues, Risks, Milestones, Meetings, People, Teams, and more without spreadsheets or other external programs.
* Centralize all your project DOCUMENTATION. No more searching for documents. Link, store, find, open and send documents from ProjectTrack.
* Easily COMMUNICATE with clients, sponsors and your team, without switching applications.
* Maintain a project JOURNAL, so nothing is left to memory.
* Do you work with MULTIPLE CLIENTS? MULTIPLE PROJECTS? ProjectTrack can handle it.
* START the day with ProjectTrack TODAY. It will show you of the status of your projects and what needs to get done.
* Create and share REPORTS in your favorite format (PDF(r), MS Word(r), MS Excel(r), HTML or Text)
* FILTER information, by creating data filters in plain English, so you can look at what’s important to you.
* SPELL-CHECK (in more than 20 languages) what you write, while you write it, and use the included THESAURUS to find the perfect word.
* Email your contacts directly from ProjectTrack. You can even create your own email templates.
* START your favorite applications from ProjectTrack; no need to look for them any more.
* CONFIGURE ProjectTrack to meet your needs and the way you like to work.
* Work using a familiar and intuitive USER INTERFACE.

ProjectTrack allows you to record, maintain and share all your project information from a single location.

The SQL Server Edition is a multi-user application. If you don’t need to share information in a multi-user environment, try the Personal Edition. If this sounds too complex, try ProjectTrack Express!

3 Years Maintenance

You will receive a good-for-life license of ProjectTrack 2010 Collaborative for SQL Server and any new versions, updates, enhancements and error fixes released for 36 months after your purchase.

You will also receive 36 months of priority email support.

Unit Price: EUR 242.21 [Volume discount prices]
Total: EUR 242.21
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 242.21: EUR 46.02
EUR 288.23
Delivery: License key
Language: English, Spanish

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