Rentboss Units License Download

By | September 21, 2016

Rentboss Units License DownloadRentBoss 5 Units License

RentBoss is property management software with modern look and feel that has been specially created from small to mid-size property owners and comes with a unique lease agreement organizer feature. The software is brainlessly simple and very easy to operate. The interface is cleverly designed to help landlords have important information readily available. With simple searching/sorting options, several different Wizards and a Recycle Bin, RentBoss easily handles records for multiple properties and apartment complexes. The Program Tenant module contains renter data – name, address, SSN, property occupied, rent paid, family members/other occupants, photos, history of requests/complains and notes. The Building module holds information about rental units – location, rent, size, current status, photos, etc. This module contains a Building Wizard that makes adding a new property fast and easy, which is very important for managers with multiple units to run. Income and Expenses modules do exactly what their name implies. Besides maintenance and upkeep expenses, RentBoss tracks employee salary and contractor fees. The Work Order module is used to schedule and track work orders requested or add new tasks to the To Do list performed. To make sure that property owner did not forget about an expiring lease agreement or a late rent payment, RentBoss comes with a handy reminder option. Another important feature is a built-in reporter module. Property managers can print a variety of reports – tenant report, rental unit report, income report and so on. More importantly, RentBoss is easily customizable and can be altered to contain any relevant information or additional reports. If you are looking for a straightforward solution that will help you optimize your rental business without breaking your bank account, RentBoss is just what you need. Think of it as of a 24-hour employee you don’t have to pay to.

Unit Price: EUR 57.98
Total: EUR 57.98
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 57.98: EUR 11.02
EUR 69.00
Language: English

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