Romanysoft Markdownd Mac Howto

By | March 1, 2017

Romanysoft Markdownd Mac HowtoRomanysoft MarkdownD for Mac

At its heart, Romanysoft MarkdownD for Mac is a markdown editor, specifically designed to make the lives of web writers as easy as possible. The best Markdown editors are specialized tools with a very readable and straightforward syntax formatting capabilities that basically help you to convert text to HTML or XHTML. Like many other Markdown editors, MarkdownD for Mac adopts a common user interface and layout of an explorer on the left, showing all of the navigations, and an editor on the right, showing the content of the current files you have opened. One such piece of software is MarkdownD for Mac, a smooth-running and modern-looking Markdown editor that is based on the standard CommonMark and GitHub Flavoured Markdown and packs a set of very useful features. In addition, there are a number of unique features in the MarkdownD for Mac user interface. The following describes these features.
Full-featured Romanysoft MarkdownD for Mac or Windows
User-friendly Markdown editor
You can get started with the application right away, subsequent to its streamlined installation process. Regardless of you being an experienced Markdown user or not, you can easily get to grips with this utility as it provides you with a novice-accessible and intuitive workspace. Due to the fact that, at its core, Markdown is not that complicated and also since almost all of the app’s features are right there on display, you can almost effortlessly format text and add code blocks and tables, perform code folding, as well as search and replace expressions.
While not exactly innovative, it ticks all the right boxes
This is a good time to point out that you can use Markdown symbols within the app’s built-in editor or you can take advantage of the accessible buttons located on the top toolbar. What is more, thanks to its useful syntax highlighting engine and its typical live preview feature, you can be sure that the risk of mistakes is reduced to a bare minimum. Furthermore, you can also insert hyperlinks, images, page breaks, emoticons, Tasklists HTML tags and entities and other types of attributes. Probably one of the most useful features is the fact that MarkdownD makes it possible for you to export your projects as PDF.
Convert text to HTML/XHTML in a matter of seconds
Taking everything into consideration, MarkdownD offers you a quick way to convert text to HTML/XHTML and to format it accordingly to your needs, without seeming too simplistic or, on the contrary, too complicated. Getting and running with Romanysoft MarkdownD for Mac is quick and easy.

Unit Price: EUR 16.57
Total: EUR 16.57
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 16.57: EUR 3.15
EUR 19.72
Delivery: Trial version, License key
Version: 3.7.5
Option: Download Protection (Duration: 24 months) [Info]
File Size: Full version: 6.8 MB
Download Time: Full version
56k: ~16 min.
DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): <1 / <1 / <1 min.
General requirements: Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or above.

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