Rtopo First License Review

By | September 25, 2016

Rtopo First License ReviewRTOPO – first license

Buy only once (qty. 1) the "first license"! You can buy anytime after, other licenses at a lower price, through "the second, third and the following licenses".

RTOPO – Is useful in topography for "Digital Terrain Modeling" (DTM) by "Triangulated Irregular Network" (TIN), representation (by 3DPOLY, SPLINE or BLOCK entities) and editing (modify, delete or add) of 3D points, and for triangulation, isolines, color-filled contour map, cross sections, longitudinal profile, 2D entities (Line or PLine) projection over a DTM, conversion of a TIN to a regular grid of points and for conversion of existing isolines resulting from maps in points and then in TIN. It exists a modifiable library for codes and BLOCKs. The coordinates, the code and the position (in 3DPOLY or SPLINE) of the points can be modified interactively. The triangulation is performed on a convex hull of a set of points or between an external contour and possibly more interior contours! You can represent the geological stratification resulting from drilling and draw the watersides in sections. You can calculate the volume, 3D area and center of gravity of some bodies limited by 3DFACE entities or you can load and represent 4D points cloud. You can intersect two triangulations or a triangulation by a horizontal plane. DXF files can be loaded or saved. You can now generate a triangulation with required links for a selected set of closed PLine and POINT entities! Can run scripts, can be called from other programs, can interpolate a set of 3DFACE entities, using quartic triangular patches with G1 continuity and can also transform a drawing containing entities as 3DPoly, Line, Block and Text, in points having codes and then in Digital Terrain Model. RCAD graphic core, distributed together with RTOPO, provides OpenGL real-time orbit, pan, zoom, shading, lighting and motion path animation.

Unit Price: EUR 39.00
Total: EUR 39.00
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 39.00: EUR 7.41
EUR 46.41
Version: 3.2
Language: English
General requirements: Graphic card with OpenGL hardware acceleration and 32-bit color depth, Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8 and computer administrator account.

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