Saeaut Sms Service Web Client Howto

By | September 21, 2016

Saeaut Sms Service Web Client HowtoSAEAUT SMS Service Web Client

SAEAUT SMS Web Client enables editing and sending of individual and group SMS using user interface in web browser. Authenticated user can browse own sent SMS.
SAEAUT SMS Web Client is the web application running in web server which uses services provided by the software SAEAUT SMS Service.
SAEAUT SMS Service usage: sending of information to customers, SMS marketing, managing of employees remotely, SMS voting, maintenance initialization, SMS tickets sending, the parking place and other services reservation and paying, resending e-mails as SMS, starting of various programs and scripts using SMS.
According to this delivered web application, different applications providing above mentioned functionality can be written.
SAEAUT SMS Service enables:
1. sending and receiving of SMS messages via devices with a GSM modem (or over Internet) from more computers in LAN (local area network) or over Internet
2. cooperation with your software applications via shared database file
3. Implementation of SMS applications using VBA script in the SMS mdb-database file
The core functionality is provided by application without user interface implemented as Windows Service. All necessary settings are provided by delivered configurator application which is also able to function as client application enabling editing and sending of SMS. Another visually alike client application is installable on other computers in the LAN.
SAEAUT SMS Service features:
1. sending SMS message created and saved to the shared database by a client application
2. receiving SMS message and saving to the shared database for usage by client applications
3. it uses PDU format for message transfer to the GSM modem
4. it communicates with client applications using database file in MS Access format (other databases on demand)
5. it is tested with couple of GSM modems and GSM services providers.
6. logging of activities and removing of old messages from database can be parametrized

Unit Price: EUR 59.00
Total: EUR 59.00
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 59.00: EUR 11.21
EUR 70.21
Version: 2.1
Language: English and Slovak language
General requirements: To use SAEAUT SMS Service Web Client you need also web server, e.g. MS IIS, and also the software product SAEAUT SMS Service.

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