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By | September 18, 2016

Sample Champion Pro Personal Home License Free__ Sample Champion PRO – Personal / Home License __

Sample Champion is a powerful real-time software tool designed for high precision acoustic measurements.

With Sample Champion you’ll be able to measure the Impulse Response of a room, or analyze loudspeaker frequency Responses using the MLS (Maximum Length Sequence) method. It has been designed for acoustical technicians, sound engineers, scientists and students.

Features (PRO VERSION):
– MLS length 1K up to 256K
– Sampling rate 5 kHz up to 192 kHz, 2 channels
– Double precision, double band FFT of Impulse Response and Scope data
– FFT length 1K up to 64K points
– Rectangular, Bartlett, Blackman-Harris, Hanning,… data windowing
– Narrow-band, 1/3 Octave and Octave frequency analysis
– Synchronous or asynchronous sampling modes
– Synchronous averaging (up to 4096 cycles) in time and frequency domain
– Input and output compensation (equalization)
– Amplitude calibration, latency time adjustment
– Multiple windows interface (time and frequency windows)
– Internal signal generator (MLS, multi-tone, square, ramp, user defined)
– Internal Audio Mixer
– Can load and save TIM files (from MLSSA) for post-processing
– Transfer function measurement and computation
– Cross-Spectrum measurement and computation
– Coherence (Frequency Domain) measurement and computation
– Auto-Correlation (Time Domain) measurement and computation
– Cross-Correlation (Time Domain) measurement and computation
– Correlation Meter
– Stereo Check
– SNR, THD, THD+N and IMD measurement and computation
– Spectra merge function (near and far field measurements)
..and many more!

Expandable features using special purpose Plug-ins:

– Waterfall Plot Plugin: module for performing a 3D Cumulative Spectral Decay of an impulse response (Waterfall PLot)

– Room Acoustics Plugin: module for performing Reverberation Time, Early Decay Time, Definition, Clarity and Centre Time computation from a room impulse response

– Impedance and Thiele-Small plugin: module for performing loudspeaker electrical impedance and Thiele-Small parameters measurement and computation

Available other License types.

See for details

Unit Price: EUR 199.00
Total: EUR 199.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 199.00: EUR 37.81
EUR 236.81
Version: 3.0
Language: English
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