Screen Item Detector Commercial Registration Alternative

By | September 25, 2016

Screen Item Detector Commercial Registration AlternativeScreen Item Detector Commercial Registration

Screen Item Detector scans the screen in specified intervals and detects a search picture if it appears on the screen.

Scan and detect an image that appears on the desktop screen
Multi-monitor setups supported
Specify screen region to monitor
Search images with alpha channel are fully supported
Pop-up a dialog, play a notification sound or send an e-mail when the picture is detected

Unregistered version is a fully functional 25 day trial version.

Registration modes:
Registration: For home use.
Commercial Registration: For commercial use, using Screen Item Detector for commercial purposes inside a commercial company (for money making use).

For more info visit:

Unit Price: EUR 25.00
Total: EUR 25.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 25.00: EUR 4.75
EUR 29.75
Delivery: License key by e-mail
Version: 1.0
Language: English

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