Servetrue Content Iqproxy Personal Academic License

By | March 27, 2016

Servetrue Content Iqproxy Personal Academic LicenseWith Content IQProxy server, you can safely share your Internet connection among office/home users with acceleration and filtering for the web under Windows platform.

10 profound reasons to choose ServeTrue Content IQProxy as your secure forward proxy solution
Complete content proxy solution for web to share Internet connection among your PCs, featuring filtering with respect to domain, location and content!
NEW! Transparent HTTP proxying–install on network gateway and anything going out to port 80 would be cached/filtered!
State-of-the-art multi-connections-per-thread architecture for avoiding "thread hell" enabling thousands of concurrent connections!
Super-fast RAM/DISK cache, up to 3Gbps with just 2 CPUs/CPU-cores
Tested 15,000 requests/sec with keep-alive and RAM cache enabled
Windows Active Directory authentication support as well as HTTP/1.1 basic and digest schemes
Upload/download bandwidth limits on both content/reverse proxies; port-wide and per-connection limiting
IP/domain/country-based firewall as a tighter security measure. We update our IP-to-country conversion database every month for free!
Connections-per-client-IP limiting on both content/reverse proxies
Easy-to-use remote GUI for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

If those were not enough, here are 5 more…
Works on all Windows virtual machine environments and utilizes the industry standard OpenSSL library
Built-in DNS cache for domain firewall and country filter
Higly-configurable GZip compression with specifiable minimum/maximum document sizes to compress
W3C standards compliant logging and connections/bandwidth GUI monitor
365 days/year email support and 6 days/week phone support by experienced staff
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