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Smart Gps Sync FreeSmart GPS Sync

There are many tools that can add GPS data to photos. But “Smart GPS Sync” is the first one, which makes it very easy to transfer GPS tags from one photo to another or even to another batch of photos. But why would this be useful if you can also use a GPS logger to log the entire track you travelled during your photo tour? Oftentimes several hundred photos are taken of a specific event in one location. Running a GPS logger during the entire time would make no sense in this case as the distance covered would be minimal and even irrelevant if the event took place indoors. It would be easier to quickly take a picture with a smartphone right at the current location and then use “Smart GPS Sync” by Picture Instruments to transfer the GPS data to all other photos.
To transfer the GPS data you can set whether GPS data will be transferred to photos that come chronologically before or after or are closest to the photo with the GPS tag. You can also define how far apart in time the photos with and without GPS tag can be for the GPS data to be transmitted.
Before the GPS data will actually be transmitted you can use the list preview to see which GPS tags will be transmitted to which photo. A left arrow marks a photo containing GPS data and arrows up and down point towards the photo containing GPS data, which will be transferred.
If no photo with GPS tag is currently available you can also copy latitude and longitude from Google Maps or Bing Maps and apply them to a whole batch of photos.
All in all it’s a very useful little helper for all wedding, event, architecture and location photographers as well as everybody who occasionally wants to geotag a photo from their camera without recording the entire trip.
If you work with software like Adobe Lightroom the use of Smart GPS Sync enables you to write the geodata into every single photo (JPG and RAW), which makes it unnecessary to reassign the photos for other programs at a later time.
If you want to remember where you took your best pictures in the years to come you should check out the free, unlimited 14-day demo version of Smart GPS Sync, which is available for download under:

Unit Price: EUR 24.37
Total: EUR 24.37
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 24.37: EUR 4.63
EUR 29.00
Delivery: License key
Language: English
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