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Sort Rename FeaturesSort n Rename

A well structured file system starts with speaking file names. With self explanatory picture file names they are easily found by the OS search tool. To ease the pain of renaming thousands of pictures and files Sort´n´Rename is here.
Sort´n´Rename is the most flexible solution for file renaming. Naming options include individual text, enumerations in user defined intervals, original file names in whole or part, date and exif tags like DateTaken, fstop, shutter speed and many more. But not enough: Different versions of the same file extension can be matched and letters or strings can be auto-replaced.
Once a scheme for renaming is defined, it can be saved as a preset and exchanged across platforms (Mac & Win)
Sort´n´Rename is especially helpful in these scenarios:
Assigning speaking filenames to your picture collection
Pictures from several cameras can be sorted into chronological order and re-enumerated
Picture presentations can be sorted by drag and drop and re-enumerated in this sequence
Pictures that need to be renamed in a predefined scheme to ensure archival consistency can be treated with the same presets across all platforms (Win & Mac) companywide
Sort´n´Rename cannot only rename picture files – any file type can be handled

Unit Price: EUR 24.37
Total: EUR 24.37
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 24.37: EUR 4.63
EUR 29.00
Delivery: License key
Language: English

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