Stereographic Suite Features

By | September 25, 2016

Stereographic Suite FeaturesStereographic Suite

Stereographic Suite — create stunning 3D optical illusions!
IndaSoftware Stereographic Suite is a software package designed to help users easily and quickly create high-quality stereograms. Grounded in sophisticated software architecture, the suite consists of three complementary programs.
Stereogram Generator
Stereogram Generator generates stereograms from depth maps and textures. You simply specify a depth map and a texture image, click the Generate button and the stereogram is created! Other features include four tiling algorithms, support for mapped texture stereograms, flexible settings and sophisticated echo ghosting reduction. You can also import depth maps and tiling textures created in other programs.
Texture Maker
You can use Texture Maker to create textures that hide the hidden images. Texture Maker creates highly attractive and detailed textures (that can be used for making stereograms or for other uses). The program ensures and preserves the integrity of the image. Thus, it is possible to achieve visually continuous high-quality stereographic images using textures created in Texture Maker. With the help of Texture Maker you can create unique patterns using procedural algorithms, transform non-seamless textures into seamless tiling textures, and much more.
Modeler creates three-dimensional scenes and renders them into depth maps and color maps. A set of simple and complex shapes and objects can be easily added and manipulated on the program’s three-dimensional digital canvas. This program is an easy-to-use modeler that allows the creation of high-quality depth maps for use with stereograms. Models created in many other 3D modeling programs can also be imported and manipulated.

Unit Price: EUR 44.03
Total: EUR 44.03
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 44.03: EUR 8.37
EUR 52.40
Delivery: License key
Version: 2.0
Language: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech

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