Stock Easy Classic License Key Information

By | September 20, 2016

Stock Easy Classic License Key InformationStock It Easy 7 classic license

Inventory management software Stock It Easy.


Items management:
Printable sheets
Full descriptions
Bar codes (EAN13,CB39,CB128,DATAMATRIX)
10 complementary fields
Duplication of existing item
Prices with 6 digits

Warehouses,Customers and Suppliers management:
Several warehouses
Printable sheets
Import your logo
Full descriptions
Complementary fields
Printable Id card with bar code

Assisted import of items, customers, warehouses,suppliers (and various sources of imports configurable) in append and update mode
Preview of imported components before registering
Possibility to update the imported items (keeping the original data items not imported).

Inventory management

Fast encoding of input and output items (Breaks, initialization, correction etc., with barcode assistance possible)
Calculation of incoming and outgoing (at anytime, a clear vision of outstanding items for each warehouse)
Calculation of quantities in stock per warehouse (Valuation at purchase price, the sale price and weighted average price)
Quantities on 6 digits
Management of the weighted average price
Fast correction of the stock / Inventory seizure
Transfers of items between warehouses (assistance by barcode reader available)
Minimal, optimal and maximal quantity in stock by item and by warehouse
Importing of incoming, outgoing and inventory files

Suppliers orders management

Management of several order status (ongoing, approved, completed, partial)
Partial receipt of orders with management balances
Order can be send by email
Edition dof receipt, order
Management by barcode reader
customizable inventory warning reports
Order by unit or by delivery unit

customer order and backorder management

Management of several order status
Order can be send by email
Edition of picking,invoice,note of dispatch
Queuing of commands if insufficient quantities available
Management by barcode reader
Management of offers


Authorization for the pending order if available quantity insufficient
Gestion avancée de profils d’utilisateurs
Personnalisation de nombreux libellés pour toute l’application
Using of a barcode reader defined by computer
Available in english and french
Use in a network
Use of 1 or 2 VAT rates (Canada,…)
Strict control of quantities ordered and quantities prepared
Possibility of not check the availability of stock items
Quantity in 0 to 6 digits
Free choice of currency resumed on various printed materials
Titres des factures et des notes de crédit paramétrables
Tracks invoices and credit notes configurable
Customizing the title and content of emails generated

Unit Price: EUR 49.00 [Volume discount prices]
Total: EUR 49.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 49.00: EUR 9.31
EUR 58.31
Delivery: License key
Version: 7
Language: English, French

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