Sytools Professional

Sytools ProfessionalWith sytools can you build easy and quick extensive Websites. You make the navigation independent of the Content-Pages. The navigation was made with Stylesheets. You can build the content-pages with any HTML-Editor. The result is the menu prompting in the left frame and the content in the right frame. There are no restrictions for your graphic design of the content-pages. If you have no content pages sytools was building standard pages for further processing.
Dreamweaver-Templates are supported – protected regions by default are not modified. You can build data-based websites. The special concept: The navigation was generate from data fields. For the index-linking sytools optional build a XML-Sitemap. For extensive Websites you can work with project-groups – Some projects can be summarized under a project-group. All projects with the same project-group can be updated at the same time – without to load each project before.
Note: in the moment the software is only available in german language!
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