Timeputer Key Information

By | September 17, 2016

Timeputer Key InformationTimePuter

Unit Price: EUR 14.61 [Volume discount prices]
Total: EUR 14.61
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 14.61: EUR 2.78
EUR 17.39
Delivery: License key
Version: 3.1
Language: English, German, English, German, Russian

TimePuter 3.1
TimePuter is a time/date calculator with many related features
Everything in our life is bounded up with time. Sometimes you need to calculate time until a significant date, time period for making future plans or simply to track money growth on your accounts. In most cases, it is better to have a convenient software tool at hand. TimePuter is an ultimate multipurpose time and date calculator with many time/date related features. This utility may be useful in business as well as in home use. Using TimePuter one can easily calculate time periods or date/time using start date/time or time period duration as input data. For example, if you need to know when you’ll go on leave, and you know that 7 months are left to the vacation – it’s not a problem with TimePuter too. Moreover, it lets you calculate time periods based on the start and final dates along with the sum and difference calculation of the start time/date and input data. Furthermore, it provides you with detailed information about entered time/date at a moment. Another outstanding feature of TimePuter is time period exclusion, so you may exclude weekends, holidays or time period from your calculation. TimePuter allows you predict money growth on your accounts flexibly: only enter grow and static percent values and choose a time period. In addition, the program has many additional features: it shows you world time zones, complete information about time, moon phase and horoscope sign at the present moment. Also TimePuter allows compiling and saving user defined time tables and databases, export results to Html, xml or text files with an ease. TimePuter has clear and customizable interface, you can manually adjust which columns in the table to be shown, enter holidays and much more. Finally, TimePuter has multilingual interface (English, German, Russian languages) created for your comfort.
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