Toefl Ibt Listening Conqueror English Edition Review

By | September 17, 2016

Toefl Ibt Listening Conqueror English Edition ReviewTOEFL iBT Listening Conqueror(English Edition)

Unit Price: EUR 12.56
Total: EUR 12.56
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 12.56: EUR 2.39
EUR 14.95
Delivery: License key by e-mail
Version: 2.0.8
Language: English

▲Excellent, unique software designed specially for conquering the TOEFL iBT Listening

▲Intensive listening practice by the most effective method of dictation

▲Includes all authoritative listening materials available currently

▲Inspect your Listening skills, and become familiar with the environment of test in Test Mode(New Feature)
▲Classified vocabulary for iBT Listening(New Feature)

▲Display script of passage synchronously

▲376 passages, enough to familiar all fields of TOEFL iBT Listening

▲Practising all passages can guarantee score 25 for listening part(combining with the software of TOEFL iBT Speaking Conqueror, Writing Conqueror and Vocabulary Conqueror is strongly recommended). Testers with Lower score can be refunded

▲Play passage by defined range or sentence by sentence repeatedly

▲Powerful function of recording speaking

▲Drag progress bar to locate playing position instantly
▲ Play audio sentence by sentence automatically. It is the favorite mode for most of users

▲Save progress of practice on exiting

▲A large amount of convenient shortcut keys are available

▲More new materials will be added in newer version in order to keep up with the developing of TOEFL iBT
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