Traditional Extreme Bundle Kontakt Free

Traditional Extreme Bundle Kontakt FreeTraditional Extreme Bundle for Kontakt

HTP 2 Darbukator Extreme Bundle
VST sound module for PC
Ethnic free style players with 24bits mastered sounds
Live percussionist plays popular Arabic dance beats

With Extreme bundle you get the ultimate Arabic percussion work station
All the popular styles plus solos and improvisation tools
Also a complete sound kit for adding more power and flexibility
Bundle at a glance

80+ modern and traditional Middle Eastern styles
800+ loops with full tempo and pattern control
24bits mastered sounds
Arabic kit to cover all playing styles
Different instruments in both modules to double the power
New affordable prices plus extra bundle discount

For detailed info:
HTP2 Darbukator Oriental Beats
HTP3 Darbukator Extreme

Unit Price: EUR 147.46
Total: EUR 147.46
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 147.46: EUR 28.02
EUR 175.48
Version: 1.00
Language: English
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