Turbodemo Pro Upgrade

By | March 27, 2016

Turbodemo Pro UpgradeTurboDemo lets you create fantastic online demos of how Software, Web-Sites, IT-Solutions, etc., works. It is the most effective way, for presenting your Software, IT-solutions and Web-based applications.
TurboDemo generate Demos and Tutorials in:
– Flash
– Java/HTML
– EXE-Files and
– AVI-Movie
Whether it’s E-Learning, E-Commerce, Training or Sales: Everything comes to a standstill nowadays without the proper information and support. On-line customers demand comprehensive advice, participants in training programmes need descriptive training material, and the sales departments requires up-to-date marketing and sales information.
Turbo-Demo allows your business to be able to work more efficiently, your employees will be more knowledgeable and it provides even greater satisfaction for your customers. It also ensures that your on-line support infrastructure will be flexible and efficient.
Key Features
Easy to use – Turbo Demo allows to create amazing demos in minutes – with absolutely no programming knowledge required!
Powerful audio-visual training solutions that heighten the effectiveness of customer support, online marketing and employee training.
Extremely small file size – The generated Demo files are optimized and compressed to grant a fast loading of the demo. Even dial-up modem users can enjoy a fast loading of the demo.
No Plug-Ins required – The viewer does not have to download a plug-in in order to first view the demonstration.
Interaction with the viewer through "Click Areas", "Text Areas" , "Pause Areas" and "Internet Areas".
Flash Demos/Tutorials made Easy with absolutely no programming knowledge required.
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