Ultimate Security Suite Key Information

By | September 26, 2016

Ultimate Security Suite Key InformationUltimate Security Suite

Fortify your computer against all security threats – without compromising your browsing experience and your PC performance.
Protect your privacy and data with Ultimate Security Suite and effortlessly shield your PC from a single location.
Surf the web undetected: shield yourself against identity theft and secure your PC
Anonymous Surfing takes one click – the program automates everything else
Anonymous Surfing maintains the database of anonymous web surfing online servers (thousands of them!) to route your traffic through
The program measures the speed of the servers, finding the fastest ones to use
You can even enhance your security by automatically changing the server at the intervals you specify
While you continue to browse the web undetected, Anonymous Surfing continues to scan for faster servers in the background – and improving your Internet experience
Stop all unsolicited network connections and access to your computer with Personal Firewall – without impeding your browsing
Monitor and if necessary log all activity
If you suspect a virus, instantly shut down all network activity – with one click
Shield your computer from hackers
Control which programs on your computer can access the Internet
Enjoy great browsing experience – unlike the competition, Ultimate Security Suite does not slow you down when you browse the Internet
Allows trusted zone computers to access your machine unimpeded
Junk all your junk mail – automatically, while allowing all your legitimate mail to get through safely
Fill in your Internet forms and website passwords instantly – without compromising your security
Manage your passwords for multiple profiles/identities – ideal if you use more than one address, or if more than one person is using the computer
Eliminate the digital trail you leave every time you browse the Internet

Unit Price: EUR 48.87 [Volume discount prices]
Total: EUR 48.87
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 48.87: EUR 9.29
EUR 58.16
Delivery: Trial version, Download, License key
Version: 2.04
Option: Download Protection (Duration: 24 months) [Info]
File Size: Full version: 51.1 MB
Download Time: Full version
56k: ~119 min.
DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): ~7 / <1 / <1 min.
Language: English

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