Ultra Wave To Text Component Duplicate Of Contract #1732498 Single Developer License

By | July 14, 2015

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Ultra Wave To Text – Convert wave to text on the fly for VB, ASP, .Net etc

ultra shareware publishes award-winning software for Windows PC users, convert wave to text with sapi5 speech recognizers

Ultra Wave To Text Component supports converting standard wave file into text by simply calling a method: ConvertWaveToText. It will call the speech recognizers currently installed on your system to recognize the wave data. It will return the text and phoneme content that is aligned to the wave content which means you can know which part of wave is correspondent to the word or phoneme.

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9 thoughts on “Ultra Wave To Text Component Duplicate Of Contract #1732498 Single Developer License

  1. Mary

    I have recently became a mother. Thanks to my boss who allowed me to work from my home and I do all the needed job with a baby on my hands. Sometimes it is really difficult to write a letter or a report to my colleagues when my kid tries to touch everything. I found this Ultrawave on the internet and I it is really great as a software as it helps me to do my job and to take care of my baby at the same time.

  2. George

    I am a school Director and of course at our work we need to write a lot of reports, teaching plans and a lot of other paper work apart from running a lessons with children. I found this program due to the advice of one my colleague, I tried it by myself and I really enjoyed how precisely it converts my speech into text. So after that I ran a little master-course for the rest of our teachers to make their job easier.

  3. Mathew

    I am a writer and a journalist. i always on the road collecting material for my articles and come back home really late and I need to prepare articles for the next days. One my friend told me about this Ultra wave software and I tried on his laptop and it works really well. You say something and it converts it into text, thanks to this software I save working hours and have more free time.

  4. Samantha

    I work in a Court as a secretary who writes minutes during the cases. Apart from that I have to type it manually I use also Ultra wave software to make sure that all the speeches of judge and lawyers will be recorded and converted into text. It saves me so much time especially when I have several cases every day and after I need to prepare all my notes to get archived and joined each case.

  5. Max

    I only start my journalist career and have my studies and part-time work. Sometimes I need to write an article in a very short time but I can not type fast due to my problems with articulations (I have arthritis unfortunately). But it is good that I found this Ultra wave software and instead of writing I just dictate what I want to write and program converts it into text.

  6. Stan

    My daughter has problems with her eyes and during some months he lost a lot of her vision capacity, at her job she needs to write a lot of emails and interact with client and colleagues so what we did – we installed this Ultrawave software on her computer and she pronounces all what she needs to be written and program makes converting it into text so all what she needs is to copy and send it.

  7. Minny

    I work in a medical center for people with special needs. I help them to adapt with their capabilities to the life. As one of the points of adaptation I show them how they can write emails to their friends, colleagues, relatives when they have mobility problems or visual. So I show them how to work with this special software to dictate what they want to write down and program transfers it in the text.

  8. Janise

    I work as a secretary in one big multinational company and in my job I need to attend several meetings per day and write minutes after each meeting. Due to the Ultra wave to text I save several hours of work per day! All I need to do is to make sure that all the microphones are connected and all the speakers using them during the speech, it helps me and my colleagues a lot!

  9. Frank

    I am a doctor at the hospital and in my work I need to write numerous prescriptions and diagnosis for my patients every day. And once I was on a medical conference and one my colleague told me he uses Speak Aloud program to dictate all the prescriptions and program convert it into the words. It is amazing program, now all the paper work I need to do decreased more than five times!!


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