User Acess Manager Isp License Howto

By | September 26, 2016

User Acess Manager Isp License HowtoUser Acess Manager [ISP License]

Password Protection Pro Kit – is a concluded management tool for on-line setting protection on directories and files of your website. It allows you to control user group’s access to website by username and password. Present version base on Apache server basic authentication method (Basic Authentication) and supported by the file management system. To make password protection click only on catalogue tree visual image elements. It may be done by everybody without a special knowledge. You are not need to study Apache access directives – by using PPPK you operate with table forms of user groups, protected directories and other. Table forms are interpreted in Apache access directives which are encased into .htaccess files. Simple using unified web-interface allows you to create any distributed access circuitries to the website and control user authentication for user groups.

Unit Price: EUR 44.03
Total: EUR 44.03
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 44.03: EUR 8.37
EUR 52.40
Delivery: Full version in an e-mail attachment
Version: 2.1

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