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By | October 4, 2016

Vinyl Boy FreeVinyl Boy

Vintage Strings MkIII is a new super realistic virtual string machine that perfectly recreates the lush sound of analog string machines. The string machine (also called string ensemble or string synth) was invented by ken freeman in 1970 as an attempt to replicate the sound of orchestral strings. It was so successful that it shortly became beloved instrument in its own right. The distinctive sound of vintage string machines like the Arp Solina or the Crumer Performer can be heard on numerous music productions. It has been used by various musicians like: Pink Floyd, Air, Beck, The Eagles, Kraftwerk, The Cure, Joy Division, Josh Wink, Morrisey, Tangerine Dream, Keane, Japan, and New Order to name few. Like these old machines, Vintage Strings MkIII is a synthesizer that was especially designed to produce rich warm string pads. It make no use samples, so any of its presets can be tweaked, and new ones can be easily created, making Vintage Strings MkIII as user friendly as it is toneful. And now, the third version of Vintage Strings presents various new features that make it even better: – The color control in the timbre section enables the creation of new beautiful choirs and pad sounds. – In the envelope section you can now choose the analog envelope mode, for an accurate emulation of vintage string machines envelopes. – The reverb section was completely revamped and now enables you to select between a smooth studio reverb and an authentic spring reverb. – The new 7th buttons enables each string section to play seven notes above the original pitch, for wider denser string sounds. – New user interface. If you desire the classic sound of analog strings machines, don’t miss Vintage Strings MkIII!

Unit Price: EUR 59.00
Total: EUR 59.00
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 59.00: EUR 11.21
EUR 70.21
Delivery: Download
Version: 1.01
Option: Backup Media [Info]
File Size: Full version: 1.7 MB
Download Time: Full version
56k: ~4 min.
DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): <1 / <1 / <1 min.
Language: English
General requirements: Processor Pentium 4/AMD 1500 MHz or better RAM 128 MB or more Free disc space 3 MB of hard disk space Operating System Windows 95 to Windows XP Host Application Cubase SX/SL, Nuendo (1.5 or higher) or other VST 2.0 compatible host application.

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