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By | November 28, 2015

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Visual Time Spent – Visual Studio time tracking add-in – Vlasov Studio (Visual Studio add-ins, extensions and tools)

Visual Time Spent automatically tracks your time spent working on solutions, projects, documents in Visual Studio and lets you generate reports.

Visual Studio time tracking add-in

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13 thoughts on “Visual Time Spent Personal Lifetime License

  1. Zhenya

    Rather interesting, useful and time-saver)) I liked it very much, at work I have a lot to do and it really helps to spend your time correctly. Also i use it at home. Few friends, whom i recommended it, also were in the great impression of it. Even my children use it to increase productivity at school! I think, this program-helper will be usefull for a long time! If you want to use your time productively, buy it)

  2. Wiley

    Constant deadlines force me to work faster. It’s bad. But I have good news! Visual Time Spent (yeah!) helps me even in the most difficult situations such as annual accounts and many many other not very nice things, huh) My job is easier now because I have a plan. A clear timetable rotates to save my time and to make sth interesting optionally. Your work helps our work and us personally. Thanks and bye)

  3. Elaine

    Hi, friends!
    If you are worry about where your time disappears, this license is for you) It helps me to control all my processes.
    In my way of thinking, this variant is the best, because the program does everything for you. You have to only do your own tasks and I suppose it will be enough time for all projects)
    By the way, reports help to understand what you have to change for saving more time)

  4. Amina

    My work is related to papers, tables, lists, and by the end of the month I have to provide reports to the head. before she did, I did not sleep at night, writing reports. but now everything has changed, because I accidentally found this great program. Now my job easier. because the table makes the program for me. thank you so much for programmers, for what this program was born.

  5. John

    Hello everyone! “Visual Time Spent” is a great solution for those who works in VS. Especially for some lazy guys like me :) It helps me to concentrate on my current projects. I can see how much time I spent working on each task or problem. After using this soft I figured out how can I improve my working skills and speed. And “Visual Time Spent” has really cool interface. Big thanks for it!

  6. Ben

    Visual Time Spent is a very useful program , especially for people who working on various projects and who need to organize their time . Through Visual Time Spent you can see all time which you spent for work with every task. Through this program, you can generate a report , which will be fully describe for what have you spent your worktime. And this program is very easy to use for everyone.

  7. Fred

    In my opinion, Visual Time Spent is great software and I wanted to thank you because it helps me so mush with all my works. I work in the internetional company where I should do my work for a very short time. So, my team and I can control our work and our time for every single type of projects. Also we can anylize how much time we spent, working at these ones and others. This way we think how we can improve our speed and qualities, it is a very good train for a brain.

  8. Joseph Brown

    Visual time spent is very convenient software for everyday use. It helped me a lot in my work with Visual Studio. I think this software is the best solutions for those, who value their time. The software helped me to control the work on my projects more carefully. I am sure that our team became more successful after we began to use this software as we got the ability to analyze the time spent on each type of activity and to plan our future work more effective. Also the software utilizes very user-friendly interface and the technical support is great and answers quickly on any occasion.

  9. George

    I work as a Project Manager in one international company. I find this Visual Time Spent very useful as it helps me to control the whole project and it’s parts done by my team and to set several deadlines for each of them and for different steps of project implementation. It is a small add in but it helps a lot to those need some tools for time-management. Highly recommended.

  10. Tonyko

    It is small, but very useful and pleasant add-in. It helps users to watch and control their time.working in Visual Studio. The add-in reads logs from the database and then creates a report about the time the user spends performing specific tasks. The user can specify report periods and group the activities by various criteria, such as project, solution, window and so on. And the time the user doesn’t use Visual Studio is automatically withdrawn from the report. I think that this add-in would be the most usedul for students, who only begin working with Visual Studio, and also for their teachers who can monitor their students’ activities.

  11. Irah

    I suppose that is definitely useful thing. So many times I didn’t realize about how long I am doing the task or I am working with some projects or so. You may know it yourselves – when you are working you’re not think about such miserable things like time. I was like that. But now I know – whatever I do I need to watch my time for more productive working. With using Visual Time Spent Personal Lifetime License I can succesfully manage my worktime, and it’s great.

  12. Damon

    Wow, that’s absolutely what I need to watch myself! Sometimes the task is such an exciting call, that I forget about everything. Now I’ll be able to look throught the reports to find out where my weak point is and what takes most of my time. Also, I’ll show that to my boss, – he supposes that programming is something like saying ‘one, two,three’ and everthing is done.

  13. Kris

    I’m a student – codder and use Visual Studio so many times for my study and part-time job. And it’s verydifficult to keep the productivity of the works, especially when there is a deadline to complete lab works or some order. So why I searched some tool that could help me to organise my work. Visual Time Spent, I think, is a good tool helping to solve this problem. The program automatically tracks my work on project and generate reports. It let me to save enough time.


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