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By | September 17, 2016

Voice Translator Pocket English German DownloadVoice Translator for Pocket PC English -> German

Unit Price: EUR 77.95
Total: EUR 77.95
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 77.95: EUR 14.81
EUR 92.76
Version: 1.21.9
Language: English
Platform: , Processor: ARM or Strong ARM (Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada 56x, Casio E-200, MobilePro P300); Pocket PC
General requirements: Processor: ARM or Strong ARM (Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada 56x, Casio E-200, MobilePro P300); Pocket PC

ECTACO Voice Translator is an English to German phrase bank with speech recognition capability.
This software is developed for you by ECTACO, Inc.

Discover the world with the only Partner® Voice Translator!
This unique program will help you feel more at home in a foreign country and will give you the ability to interact with people without having to depend on translators or dictionaries.
With the help of the VT, you will have a chance to become better acquainted with a country and its people, all the while making new friends and gaining new impressions.

Voice Translator functions

The main function of the VT is substitution of an interpreter for you in such standard situations as registering at a hotel, shopping, visiting the bank, etc. It is a useful tool for those who travel abroad and need a help in communicating with foreigners.
Pocket VT allows you to not only communicate in a foreign language, but to learn it as well. With the VT, you can practice every day and remember phrases easily. With the VT, learning is natural and does not take much effort – by simply listening or repeating the phrases often, you will remember them easily. The VT will make your communication with foreigners easy and enjoyable.

How Voice Translator works

Partner® VT contains approximately 3200 phrases. These phrases were especially selected to satisfy 80% of the communication requirements of travelers abroad. For the convenience of the user, all of the phrases in the Partner® VT are presented in 15 subject categories.
You simply choose the appropriate phrase from the list or say it in English and your Pocket PC will pronounce it for you in German.
The latest speech recognition technology in the VT allows you to immediately translate a pronounced phrase without using a dictionary and to listen to clear, life-like pronunciation of the translation. This makes the device a powerful foreign language learning aid.
If Partner® VT software is not registered, it allows to use phrases only from the "Sport" category.

Main features of Voice Translator
Advanced speech recognition system LingvobitTM.
About 3200 common English phrases in 15 subject categories (topics).
Modern design.

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Quotes from our customers and reviewers

"…The interface is simple and attractive. Phrase categories are provided in a page of easily recognizable icons , making it easy to jump quickly to phrases you are searching for. …I was amazed by how well this program worked. …The translations were clearly understandable from several feet away through my HP Jornada’s speaker set at its highest volume."
John Mierau, www.pocketpcmag.com
"…the real benefit that I see is to learn another language. …Universal Translator will be your at home teacher, saying the sentence as many times as necessary. …I found the program to run smoothly and perform admirably."
Geoffrey Moehl, www.pocketpclife.co.uk

Join the World with the Partner® Voice Translator for Pocket PC!
To get more information about products of ECTACO, Inc visit www.ectaco.com.
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