Winlexic Site License Unlimited Pcs Single Business Location Alternative

Winlexic Site License Unlimited Pcs Single Business Location AlternativeWinLexic – Site License: Unlimited PCs at single business location*

WinLexic 2005 is a GUI (Graphic User Interface) to Microsoft Glossaries for Technical Translators and Technical Translation Agencies
Microsoft Glossaries are publicly available from the Microsoft Corporation FTP Server and its mirrors, and provide a wealth of information for technical translators and anyone else who would like to be familiar with multilingual terminology used in Microsoft software products and use it consistently.
Downloading Microsoft Glossaries is not an easy task. They are large (only Farsi, Arabic, Malay, and Indonesian glossaries are under 1Mb, other 40 glossaries range in size between 1.05 Mb for Galician and 62Mb for Spanish) and downloading them by standard means (through Microsoft Internet Explorer, for instance) may be a nuisance.
That’s why this task usually involves purchasing FTP client software, able to automatically resume broken transfers… But not with WinLexic! WinLexic already contains built-in FTP client configured to access Microsoft public FTP server or its mirrors. The FTP client is able to resume transfers. That means approximately USD30 savings for you plus less hassle about getting glossaries downloaded and interpreted properly!
If you use NotePad to search through multiple glossaries you can become bored quickly. Even using MicrosoftВ® Excel to search through them can be a difficult task, especially taking into account the limitation on the number of rows in Microsoft Excel, which ruthlessly truncates these glossaries. In addition, with NotePad, Microsoft Excel or other common program you will have to search through each individual glossary separately.
WinLexic is fast and can search through multiple Microsoft glossaries at once. In addition it offers a wealth of options (Source/Target search, whole word search, case-sensitive search, searching for the presence of 2 terms or phrases in a single string).

Unit Price: EUR 402.00
Total: EUR 402.00
Info includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 337.82: EUR 64.18
Delivery: License key
Version: 2005
Language: English

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