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By | July 14, 2015

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Free online XSS scanner

Free online Cross Site Scripting Scanner tool.

The XSS scanner will check out pages on a given website for XSS vulnerabilities. Emergency email will be sent to administrator once vulnerability is found.

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3 thoughts on “XSS Scanner Portal

  1. Gevorg

    Internet today is teeming with viruses and Trojans, and to not get in trouble, you must be very careful. not to look suspicious pages, do not click on unknown ads do not open strange letter from the post office. but I can do it because I downloaded the scanner, which scans all the pages on which I walk, and sends a letter. Now I know where there is a virus, and where not. Thanks to this program I saved money on computer wizards, and I’m happy.

  2. Brendon

    I often need to check websites for vulnerabilities for my job. My staff and me aware that XSS on third place in the ranking of the key risks of web applications according to OWASP. We were looking for a similar program really a long time, but every program that we found before did not suit me in some aspects. I really like XSS Scanner Portal. It’s simple in operation and effective. This program finds errors and bugs on websites faster than other. Safety is very important in business like mine. Big thank to all of creators.

  3. Dave

    Hey everyone! I was searching for some soft to find some vulnerabilities in my current project. After checking my code with XSS scanner I eliminated some errors and now my stuff looks better. I can say that this scanner really helped. I decided to use it for the first time after one of my previous websites was hacked. I know that many developers (I know two at least) who don’t care about potential problems. And that’s stupid of course. So use XSS scanner and keep your data safe.


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