Active Query Builder For NET Standard WPF Subscription Single License

By | December 19, 2015

Active Query Builder For NET Standard WPF Subscription Single License preview. Click for more details

Ad-hoc SQL Query Builder – Easy Visual Query Builder and SQL Parser

Visual SQL query builder component with user-friendly graphical interface to build, parse and analyze complex SQL queries

Active Query Builder .NET Edition – annual subscription

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4 thoughts on “Active Query Builder For NET Standard WPF Subscription Single License

  1. Duke

    I’m not a professional and I was afraid that this software is very hard for using, for working and have a very hard interface. I was afraid that I will not get it and handle this. Well, on day I decided try SQL query builder and this is amazing! I can’t even imagine how I was living without it before! I often work with SQL and this software is my happiness! If you’re not a professional, do not be afraid just to try it! Thank you for the soft! It’s great!

  2. Alexander

    Yeah, guys, If I knew about this soft earlier, I’d save a lot of time. Now, I use only Active Query Builder For NET Standard WPF Subscription). The obvious advantage is really excellent visualization of database trees. It’s easy to understand and to build SQL schemes. It could be said, that I enjoy my work with SQL queries, although, earlier, it was incredible to imagine.

  3. Denis

    As for my experience, it’s one of the excellent sql queries interface. This soft helps to speed up SQL queries operation. I appreciate the convenient graphical visualization. SQL schemes look more demonstrably. Powerful text editor also exist. So, all usual functionalities are included, but interface is more user-oriented. I didn’t regret to this purchase)

  4. Anthony Van Orthon

    Now thats gonna be greate software! Point is – I have alot of projects with SQL databases and SQL tables! ANd its so hard to search some correct data! Also interface in those databases absolutely not friendly! It’s only text! So if there is software like visual and friendly SQL builder -well i’ll be happy! But there is a question – price! Because i am preety sure that such a greate thing gonna be coast cheap! But as i said before – i’ll be happy to have it! So i think i’ll find money to make my SQL data more friendly and my job easier!


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