Universal Intelligent Information Management System Download

By | September 20, 2016

Universal Intelligent Information Management System DownloadUniversal and Intelligent Information Management System

Universal and Intelligent Information Management System

Know nothing about Database? Never mind! You can still have your own powerful Information Management System. By means of UIIMS, you can customize personalized management system basing on all kinds of information or archive.

(1)As being in professional database system, you can ADD, EDIT, DELETE or INQUIRE records.

(2)UIIMS provides many powerful tools, such as System Switch, System Backup, System Restore and System Erase etc.

(3)You can generate multi information management systems on single computer, which will save great cost for user.

(4)UIIMS can basically meet the need of individuals and small enterprise. For example, you can customize Contacts Management System, Book Management System, Items Management System and Salary Management System and so on through UIIMS.

(5)UIIMS provides many common built-in Information Management Systems(Asset List, Contacts, Events, Faculty Information, Issues, Marketing Projects, Opportunities, Project List, Tasks). User can import these templates directly.

Unit Price: EUR 9.76
Total: EUR 9.76
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 9.76: EUR 1.86
EUR 11.62
Version: 3.1
Language: English

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